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Ophthalmic World LLC

Dwayne Podgurski
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Our Story
Ophthalmic World LLC is a family owned leading company that offers high grade ophthalmic diagnostic and lane equipment. We offer both new and refurbished ophthalmic diagnostic and lane equipment at competitive prices.

We offer a wide range of brand new and refurbished ophthalmic equipment like slit lamps, retinal cameras, auto refractors, chairs, stands, lenses, perimeters, frames and much more. We are authorized dealers for many ophthalmic equipment brands like Brewer, C.O.W., Keeler, LightMed Lasers, MicroMedical, Ocular Lenses, Focus/Potec, Propper, Sonomed, Volk Lenses, and more.

Apart from new and pre-owned ophthalmic equipment, we also offer parts for various ophthalmic equipment, service and installation. If budget is an issue, we offer leasing and finance options geared towards your budget. With more than 30 years of experience and great expertise in this industry we offer you best quality equipment at best prices. We are a one stop source for all of your ophthalmic needs.

Brand new ophthalmic instruments are expensive. Therefore, we offer pre-owned or refurbished ophthalmic equipment in good condition to our customers to cut on cost. We offer refurbished slit lamps, refractors, projectors and many other expensive ophthalmic instruments for half the price or less. We replace the old or worn out parts with new parts before selling any refurbished ophthalmic equipment.

We cater to big hospitals as well as personal clinics. You can easily obtain best quality products with better technological features. You can view our entire product catalogue on our website and check the specifications for all of the equipment. We offer warranty, shipping, easy and secure payment options to all of our customers. You can go through our terms and conditions to check return, shipping and all other details about your purchase.

Call us at 1-800-9411 for orders or inquiries today.

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