Pupilometer Breath Shield

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Part Number:PUPBS-00-0001

Pupilometer Breath Shield

  • High Quality Laser Cut Acrylic Breath Shield
  • Sized at 8”x10” to ensure the health and safety of both you and the patient
  • All components are replaceable
  • No professional installation necessary
  • Mounts to pupilometer using a flexible adhesive system
  • Flexible mounting system allowing you to set down the pupilometer in between patients without having to remove it or risk damaging it
  • Other models require the removal of the breath shield in between patients caused by the rigid mounting system. This meaning you must remove the breath shield or prop the pupilometer up on it, putting lots of stress on the acrylic, which could cause it to break or crack.


 *the blue film is just a protectant left on for pictures. should be removed before use.

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